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A dynamic APAC ecosytem

Blockchain’s versatility cements its applicability in the burgeoning APAC market and this has attracted substantial investments from state-backed and private entities:

  • Favourable Regulatory Environment: a proactive approach to regulations has seen leading APAC economies such as Singapore, South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong embrace blockchain technologies more quickly than their EU and US counterparts.  Chiefly, nascent crypto regulations which classify Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) as a security asset help to prevent market abuse behaviour and this facilitates robust blockchain-backed crypto trading activities.
  • Growing Regional Capital Flows: Singapore’s first government-backed blockchain network, Tribe, raised over US$70 million from international venture capitalists in early 2021. This is indicative of rising capital expenditure on blockchain technologies in APAC (which is expected to hit a 5-year high of US$2.4 billion by end 2022)
  • Digitalisation of Business Activities: COVID-19 has accelerated a global transition towards digital economies, with cross-border data flows projected to raise global output by more than 3%, or US$3 trillion, in 2020. The international distribution of APAC’s workforce, with people immigrating for better career prospects, underscores the push towards cross-border business activities. This necessitates the use of blockchain to ensure data security.

Paving the way towards success for French startups in Asia

In 2022, NextTech Asia’s Blockchain arm aims to help French companies gather information about opportunities in the APAC blockchain market, understand each country’s key regulations concerning blockchain, and raise funds for their respective developing businesses.

This program will provide selected firms with access to fundamental business, legal and technical knowledge. Firms will have the chance to engage in discussion panels as well as networking and pitch sessions with key VCs that have significant Asian investments.

All French startups which specialise in blockchain technologies are welcome to sign up for this program regardless of their preferred industrial application. Firms can offer solutions which disrupt the retail sector, transform the financial system or help build the metaverse. The key requirements are that interested firms must offer an innovative solution and have a desire to explore business opportunities in APAC.

Apply now to be one of a few startups which has the rare opportunity to pitch to Asia’s leading VCs in November 2022.


29th July – 1st cohort
5th Sept – 2nd cohort

Application Deadline

September 2022*:
Selection of Finalists

1st November 2022*:
Events and Pitch Day

* Detailed Date and Time will be announced soon.

Do not miss your chance to apply :
Apply by September 5th

Criteria to qualify

To be eligible, your company should have the following:

  • Area of Operation: Your startup needs to be registered in France.
  • Technological Specialisation: Your startup should be focused on Blockchain technology.
  • Stage of Development: Your startup needs to have a solution which has a TRL (Technology Readiness Level) of at least 3. This means that you have already achieved your Proof of Concept.
  • Desire to explore Asia Pacific: Your startup must be willing to explore business opportunities in Asia Pacific and to raise funds.
  • Team: Your founding team must have a proven track record or your team must be developing a new product within an established company.
  • Proficiency in English: Your team will be pitching to a jury of English-speaking judges.


Do not miss your chance to apply :
Apply by September 5th

Blockchain Pitch Day 2022

1st November, 2022

Singapore is one of Asia’s leaders in Blockchain and is backed by a supportive government. The Payment Services Act 2019 (PS Act) is an example of forward-looking, blockchain-friendly regulation which is uncommon in Asia. By regulating intermediaries dealing with certain cryptocurrencies, the Act provides a stable regulatory licensing and operating framework for cryptocurrency entities. More recently, starting from mid-2021, the Singapore government launched the Singapore Blockchain Innovation Program (SBIP), a S$12 million blockchain research program which is a collaboration amongst local talents from Enterprise Singapore, Infocomm Media Development Authority, the National Research Foundation and MAS. Research findings have resulted in real-world applications like COVID-19 result verification using distributed ledger blockchain technology.
Besides this, homegrown startups have recorded breakthroughs in supply chain traceability and metaverse applications.


Blockchain Pitch Day 2022 is an exclusive opportunity for you to present your innovative blockchain solutions to a group of carefully selected investors with a rich Asian mandate.
This closed-door event gives you an invaluable edge in winning over some of the largest Asian investors that are well-versed in blockchain applications.
You will also have the privilege of attending a series of expert presentations on business regulations, recommended operational set-up processes and IP legislature within the APAC region to improve your business acumen. Such first-hand knowledge will be vital for your future plans of entering the Asian market.
Moreover, don’t miss out on enriching networking opportunities with our regional FrenchTech partners and Singaporean business heavyweights in regional blockchain circles.
These experiences will be well complemented by a visit to the Singapore Fintech Festival (2nd to 4th Nov 2022) which will expose you to some of the most prominent tech startups in the region.

Further information will be released at a later date. Keep an eye on this webpage!

Asian VC Funds: Pitch. Connect. Fund

This one-of-a-kind event gets you valuable face time with VCs who are actively seeking opportunities to invest in French startups