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Agritech / Foodtech

What is Agritech / Foodtech

On the upstream side, Asia is home to 350M smallholder farmers producing more than 19% of food production. Agriculture takes 24% of carbon emissions.

On the downstream side of the value chain, Asia is home to double the burden of malnutrition, with 40% overweight & 12% undernourished.

With the impact of climate change on food production,  the increase in malnutrition and food wastes, our current food systems are not sustainable enough to feed safely and sustainably an increasing global population. 

For the betterment of our food system, all Asian La FrenchTech(s) came together to provide the opportunity for French startups to capture business opportunities in Asia and for the Asian AgriFood ecosystem to access the most cutting edge and sustainable innovations from France.

Explore Opportunities in Asia

Curious about the opportunities in the field of AgriFood tech in Asia? 

A 10 mn presentation from each country will answer the following questions:

  • What are the country’s main challenges?
  • Which initiatives already exist to try and tackle them
  • What does the ecosystem look like and who are the main actors?
  • What are the sources to follow and events to attend?

A Q&A session will give you an opportunity to ask all the questions you have on growing your startup in this industry!

The Replay is available!

Venez tester l'Asie

We are building a Tech4Good Community and if you are a startup aiming at reducing carbon footprint in agrifood or developing new nutritional solutions,